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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard – Lifetime Licence Key & installation for 1PC



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sql server 2022 standard
Visual Studio Professional 2019
windows server 2016 datacenter 1pc
This item: Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard - Lifetime Licence Key & installation for 1PC $42.99 $42.99
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Details :

* Product Key and Installation instructions to be delivered via email upon paid checkout.We provide free remote support and all orders

  • Genuine Microsoft product! GUARANTEED!
  • Lifetime Activation and One-time purchase for 1 PC (no additional fees)
  • Support all languages version and Works Worldwide
  • Works on both 32b/64bit versions of Windows
  • installation from the manufacturer’s installation file (we provide a link for downloading the file)
We guarantee:
  • You will receive a working Key, or your money back
  • Quick delivery of the product
  • Lifetime support in software activation and key installation

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard is a powerful database management system designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. It offers advanced features and capabilities that enable organizations to efficiently store, manage, and analyze their data.

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✓ Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Informations :

Data storage, access, and manipulation are made easy!

SQL Server 2022 Standard from Microsoft is the latest version of this reliable relational data platform that provides users with all the necessary database and analysis and reporting functions that are frequently applied in all companies that use enterprise resource planning and CRM systems or ERP software. SQL Server 2022 Standard provides a powerful, Cloud-enabled Relational Database Management System (RDMS) for all of these tasks, which can best meet their requirements.

  1. Improved Performance: SQL Server 2022 continues Microsoft’s tradition of enhancing the performance and efficiency of its database systems. Users can expect faster performance, less latency, and a higher capacity to handle heavy workloads.
  2. Greater Data Security: SQL Server 2022 introduces new security features, including data encryption in use, in transit, and at rest, and improvements in auditing and threat management.
  3. Greater Cloud Integration: SQL Server 2022 integrates better with Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service, allowing users to easily migrate their databases to the cloud, take advantage of Azure’s scalability, and use Azure services like Azure Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics.
  4. Business Intelligence Improvements: SQL Server 2022 introduces significant improvements in business intelligence capabilities, including new Power BI and Analysis Services features, and integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.
  5. Unified Programming Model: This version introduces a unified programming model that allows developers to use the same code to access data in both SQL Server and Azure SQL.
  6. Improved Large Database Management: SQL Server 2022 introduces improvements in the handling of large databases, which can result in less downtime and greater efficiency for database administrators.
  7. High Speed: SQL Server 2022 includes several performance enhancements that make data retrieval and processing more efficient. The adaptive buffering functionality and intelligent query processing allow more effective memory management and faster query execution.
  8. Enhanced Security: SQL Server 2022 introduces the Always Encrypted feature with secure enclaves, which extends the functionality of Always Encrypted to allow data processing operations on encrypted text, improving data security without compromising its utility.
  9. Integration with Azure: SQL Server 2022 offers a deeper integration with Azure services, allowing easier migration to the cloud and facilitating the use of services like Azure Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics. Additionally, with Azure Arc, you can manage your SQL Server instances from the cloud, providing a unified management experience.
  10. Advanced Analysis Services: SQL Server 2022 Standard offers integrated analysis services, allowing businesses to run advanced analysis models directly on their SQL Server databases.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard – Lifetime Licence Key & installation for 1PC