Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flixeasy?

We are an online shop that sells genuine software product keys at discounted prices of up to 90% lower than its normal market price with a full lifetime guarantee on all lifetime licensed software. We deliver product keys instantly after receiving your payment.

All products are downloaded from the official manufacturer’s download link and activated only using the official activation methods to ensure authenticity. Purchasing the software from us is technically the same as purchasing them from its official online store!

Why is it cheap?

When you purchase, you will only receive the product key. CD Installer, Manual and Box are not shipped. Who need those anyway? You can simply download the latest version of the software and read its corresponding manuals and documentations from its official download link we will provide with the instructions.

Are your products authentic?

Product keys we sell are 100% genuine, unused and working or your money back. You will be confident its genuine because you will download the software from its official download link and install it using its official installation instructions. You will then enter the product key or account credentials if prompted and the software should automatically activate.

It is very easy to spot fake product keys. First, the installation is dodgy. You will do things such as disconnecting to the internet prior to entering the product key or running a separate program that is usually virus ridden to activate the product. A simple deviation from the official installation instruction is a sure sign its a fake software.

I am looking for a certain software and can't find it.

As long as it is an existing software product, we can surely get it for you. However, some products have little demand for us to place them on our online shop. If you are specifically looking for a certain product not on our store, let us know and we will see what we can do.


What is an electronic software licence?

An electronic software licence provides the customer with a right to use software programs via the digital delivery of a product key.

Are your licence lifelong?

Yes. We sell Microsoft Office and Windows licences as a one-time purchase product - by paying a single up-front cost you get the software for one computer for a lifetime, unless stated otherwise. There are no extra costs or recurring subscriptions involved.

Are your licence genuine ?

The software licences we sell are unique and only for you. They can be used by regular users and business users.

What are the benefits of electronic software license ?

  • Availability: electronic licences are available at anytime, anywhere;
  • Delivery: fast email delivery with no waiting time and no shipping costs;
  • Eco-friendly: there is no unnecessary packaging or transport required;
  • Price: often cheaper than physical licences.

Is my computer suitable for these software licence ?

We always advise you to check the product description for specific system requirements (at the bottom of the product page). Check them carefully to know if your device meets the requirements to run the programs.  

If you don’t know your computer’s system details you can find it out by following these steps:

1. Visit: My Computer Details.

2. Click the blue button ‘View Computer Details’.

4. The software will perform a hardware scan (takes around 30 seconds).

3. It will automatically download a detection software named Detection.exe, which you have to run (double click it).

5. After the scan is completed your computer system details will be displayed in the same internet browser window.

Why are your licence cheaper than the licence from Microsoft?

In order to answer this question, let us present you our business model in a simple example. A company purchases a certain number of software licenses. After 1 year, the leadership of the company decides to substitute the tool/application that uses these licenses and they become obsolete – they are not needed anymore. This is the moment when we, Digital Content Distribution, step in and help the company gain some savings by purchasing these licences.

A preliminary factor important for us, so that the licences are eligible to be purchased, is that they have a certifiable origin. We adhere to strict procedures in the process of verification of potential partners (companies from which we buy the unused software licences), which include but are not limited to:

  • Legal proof of acquisition of the software (it can be procurement contract or invoice)
  • Software and licence keys must be provided in proper manner
  • Full information about the company from which the software and respectively the licence has been purchased initially
  • All software licences must have no expiration date

All our customers benefit from this collaboration – gaining rights to authentic software at lower prices.


How do I place an order at Flixeasy?

If you want to order from follow these steps:

1. Visit the product page for an item you wish to buy.

2. To add a product to your cart, click on the green ‘Add to Cart’ button.

4. If needed you can edit products in your cart by adjusting the quantity or removing them.

5. Click the ‘Checkout’ button. You will be redirected to the checkout page.

7. Select your payment method (by clicking on the desired payment method). 

3. When you are done adding items to your cart, click on the Shopping Cart icon at the top right of the website.

6. Fill in the Contact information and Billing address. Then click on ‘Continue to payment method’.

8. Review your order information and click ‘Complete order’ to finish your purchase.

9. Depending on your payment method choice you will be redirected to finish the payment online or provided with details for the bank transfer.

What happens after I place an order?

After you complete your order it will be processed and you will receive order confirmation email (with all the details of your purchase) and an invoice.

As soon as our system processes the payment, your order will be fulfilled and the product key will be sent to you via email.

What is a product key and where do I find it?

A product key is a unique 25-character alpha-numeric code used to redeem and activate the Microsoft product on your PC.

Product key comes in a format like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

To find your product key, look for the 25-character alpha-numeric code in one of the emails sent to you after your payment has been cleared.

Where can I get help about my order?

Type your message there and we will respond as soon as possible.


Phone: +44 7362 056 012


What are the shipping costs for software licence?

The software licences are delivered digitally, directly to your e-mail. Thus, there are no shipping costs involved.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no hidden costs in buying our products.

I paid via bank transfer, but did not receive the product yet. why?

This is normal. Sometimes bank transfers take time to be processed, but you will receive your product as soon as we receive your transfer.

In order to receive your product faster please, email us a proof of payment to

Please attach the proof of payment in the form of receipt/payment slip (scan, pdf or photo) or a screenshot from your online bank. They have to clearly show the following:

  1. Your details - name and account number;
  2. Our details - Digital Content Distribution Ltd and/or our account number;
  3. Date – when the transfer was initiated.
  4. Amount and currency of the payment.

How do I install office?

Installation of Microsoft Office can be a challenging task. but no worries, we sent all the instructions to follow in the email after purchase.

How do I install windows?

We have prepared textual guidelines with illustrations on how to install Windows to help you with the process, it will be delivered to you by emailing once you purchase.